Support & Policy

1. Sample/Dummies for display will be provided on returnable basis.

2. Authorization certificate will be provided.

3. Flex / Catalogue will be provided.

4. Name will be highlighted in Website.

5. May advertise on local TV channel after deep discussion. In that case minimum Monthly turnover / payment has to be decided.

6. First Dealing against 50% advance against performa Invoice Balance 50% against Delivery

7. From Second billing, Credit Period 20 Days. Post dated cheque of 20 days against Delivery of material.

8. Credit Limit will be equal of amount of first time billing. For example, if first Sale value Rs. 10,000/- then credit limit will be Rs. 10,000/-.Later Credit will be Increased after satisfactory performance

9. Delivery off material within 7--10 days.

10. One Cheque mentioning “Limit amount” without date required. Same cheque will be Deposited if payment not made as per settled credit days/terms.

11. If Cash payment or received cheque cleared within 2 days from date of receipt of Material, than 1% cash discount will be allowed through credit note and same will be Returned by cheque by company.

12. In case of cheque bounced, client will be liable to pay Rs. 300/- against cheque Bounce charges and interest @2% per month will be debited till the time amount will Not received in company account.

13. Cheque will be deposited on same day as per date cheque mentioned and will not be Hold or stopped for any reason.

14. Early Bird Discount:

Value of Rs. Five Lakh, a fixed Deposit of Rs. Five Thousand

Value of Rs. Ten Lakh, a fixed Deposit of Rs. Twenty Thousand

Value of Rs. Fifteen Lakh, a fixed Deposit of Rs. Forty Thousand

15. Dealers Margin: From 5-10%

16 Advance Order Discount:

For on time Delivery we expect Order schedule between 1-10th every month, for which a special discount allowed :

12 months order / schedule @ 1%

Half yearly Order/Schedule @ 0.75%

Quarterly Order / schedule @ 0.5%,

Monthly order/schedule @ 0.25%.

17. Growth Discount:

Monthly Growth @10% discount @1%

Monthly growth @5% discounts @0.5%.

18. All schemes / discounts are only applicable on Price w.e.f. March 2018, generally we

Do not change prices very fast but please ask for discount on price list every time. Before placing order as it may change from time to time. All previous price lists / Schemes/offers stand cancelled. Taxes extra as applicable.

19. A monthly meeting will take place at company’s premises. Travelling Reservations and stay arrangements for one night per person will be arranged by Company.

20. GST extra as applicable.

21 Packing & forwarding extra as actual.

22. Goods once sold will not taken back or exchanged.

23. Account Name –Millennium House, Account N/O. 0011223870 NEFT code KKBK0000219 Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Darya Ganj Branch, New Delhi

24. Our Risk and responsibility ceases after delivery of the goods to Carriers.

25. Validity PI – 30 Days.

26. Delivery: Within 7-10 Days

27. Office hours: morning 10.00 Am to 6.00 PM, Weekly off: Sunday.

28. To Get Status of your Performa. Invoice /order / dispatch/ documents/ replacements/ Payments contact 011-23272741-42.

28. Emergency Contact Nos. 9718998002, 9718998005.

29. Complaints/Grievances: 9891023817

30. In case of Non-avoidable circumstances, terms & conditions/ prices/ discounts/ offers/ Scheme can be changed/amended/removed without any prior information

Conditions of Warranty:

1.Warranty: Spare parts will be provided on chargeable basis. Same shall be returned or replaced by you free of charge. We will stand guarantee for from the date of manufacturing against manufacturing defects which covers Discontinuity, Wattage plus minus 10%, Current leakage, water leakage. One year for heating elements / In geysers 2 years on electrical parts, 5 years on tank / In ceiling fans 2 years. In other Fans 1 year. (On motors only). No plastic parts or metal parts are covered under guarantee. Same shall not be dispatched by client otherwise it will not accepted and same will be returned. In water heating element, dry (without water) / scaling (calcium deposit ) will not be covered under guarantee. Products will be covered under warranty only if used as per correct or recommended application.

2. The warranty card must be duly filled in, stamped & signed by the dealer. The card and the relevant cash memo or invoice must be preserved & produced along with the defective unit.

3. The defective unit must be delivered at the users cost at the nearest service centre of the Company.

4. The Warranty is not valid for: Damage resulting from accident, mishandling, and negligence, and tampering, improper repair, loss of components or accessories. Items not purchased from authorized dealer of the company, Replacements/repair by people other than the authorized service engineers of the company. The decision of the company as to the nature of defects and applicability of this warranty shall be final, Claims, if any to this warranty shall be made only before the court having jurisdiction in New Delhi., The Warranty excludes every condition/warranty liability not expressly set out herein.

5. Validity: Due to unstable market of metals & fluctuation of USD, prices given are Subjected to change without prior notice.

6. Parts: Spare parts such as stator, capacitor, bearing, motor, canopies, blades, down Rods & shackle, frames, legs, elements, thermostats, assembly, tanks, can be purchased extra along with fans & geysers and later exchanged or reimbursed against replacement

7. Our risks and responsibility ceases after delivery of the goods to carriers.

8. Company will not be held responsible for any delay in servicing due to non-availability off any component or due to any reason beyond the control of Company.

9.This warranty in lieu of all ether guarantees/warranties expressed or implied and does not cover any kind of consequential damage.

10.Please do not dispatch material to company or dealer without registration of complaints otherwise same will not be accepted or returned.