Company Profile

  Company   Daspass Sales Corporation
  Address   A4, Street No 4, Anand Parbat Industrial Area, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi, 110005, India
  Represented by   Mr. K.G. Sharma
  (Founder & President )
  Scope   Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers
  Establishment   1968
  • Heating element tubular type for Air /water /chemical /oil.
  • Heating films
  • Duct Heaters
  • Electric Control Panels
  • VAV Heaters
  • Pan Type (Steam) Humidifiers
  • Hot Air Blowers
  • Heaters for wall/cabin/ceiling/construction site
  • Defrost heaters (flexible & tubular) for drain pipe, cooling coils, trays
  • Crankcase heater for air conditioning/ compressor
  USP   Widest range manufacturer of Electrical Heating Elements
  Certificates &   Standards
  • UL
  • ISO From Bureau of Veritas
  • CE
  • IS4159/302/3017
  Covered Area   35,000 square feet
  Production capacity   4,00,000 (Four lakhs units ) per annum approx

  Indian Railways / Metro Rails / Hydro & Thermal Power Plant /Petroleum & Refineries / Pharmaceuticals / Chemical   Plants / Commercial Kitchen Equipments

  MES / CPWD / Hotels /Hospitals / Dairy & Milk Food Industries / Ventilation Industries / Air Conditioning Industries   / Refrigeration industries / Cold Storage / Electric Control Panel / Government & Semi Government Department /   Original Equipment Manufacturers

Daspass Sales Corporation, was incorporated in 1968. Shree K.G. Sharmaji an engineer, is managing director. "Daspass" is pioneer in manufacturing all kinds of Industrial and Domestic Heating elements for application such Air, Water and Solids. "Daspass", is famous in PAN India & abroad and known for its reliable and safest heating solutions. No other company in India can provide such a vast and huge range in heating elements.

It also makes us proud to mention that it has the most advanced and automated production facility in India. It has achieved many prestigious awards. It is member of many national and International trade associations. It is certified with ISI, ISO, UL and CE. Its clients list include almost every segment of Industries. It produces custom designs for the most unusual applications as a matter of routine and has thousands of models in stocks.


  Company   Millennium House
  Address   1679, Dakhni Rai Street, Daryaganj, New, Delhi -110002, India
  Represented by   Mr. Brijesh Sharma
  (Chief Executive)
  Scope   Importers, Wholesalers & Traders
  Establishment   1998
  Authorized &   certificates   A whole sale online trading house for heating, cooling, ventilation conditioning, renewable energy, lighting & wiring   products of various companies.

"M House" - represents companies mentioned in this Catalogue for the segment of dealers, MES contractors, Hotels, Hospitals, Dairy Industries, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and electrical industries, Cold stores, Institutes, Government & semi government departments.

It was established in 1998 as a House distribution in the segments of electrical / Air - conditioning / Refrigeration / Ventilation / Controls.

Over the year, "M House" has been carrying the mission to consistently provide world class innovation driven products, processes and services that exceeds customer's expectatins by leveraging on the total supply & value chain, brand development, marketing & distribution capabilities.


  Company   Antriksh Automation Applications
  Address   A4, Street No. 4, Anand Parbat Industrial Area New Rohtak Road, New Delhi, 110005, India
  Represented by   Mr. Rajesh Sharma
  (Managing Director)
  Scope   Manufacturers & Exporters
  Establishment   2011
  Products   Thermostats / Thermal Cutouts / Combistat for Heating & Cooling

Antriksh Automation Application is quite famous amongst electric water heater manufasctures in india beacause of its Thermostats / Thermal Cutouts / Combistats. In a very a short span the company has achiedvd position in top manufacturers in India

Antriksh Automation Application - AAA" established in 2011, is very famous amongst electric water heater (Geyser) manufacturers in India because of its its Thermostats / Thermal Cutouts / Combistats. Mr. Rajesh Sharma, the managing director is very hard working and through his focused strategic moves, Just in short span of 5 years, he has reached in topfive manufacturers in India


  Company   Daspass Appliances
  Address   29/19, Street No 6, Anand Parbat Industrial Area, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110005 India
  Represented by   Mrs. Savita Sharma
  (Managing Director)
  Scope   Manufacturers & Exporters
  Establishment   2013
  Authorized &   certificates   Exhaust fan / Tube Axial Fan / Inline Fan/ Air Curtain/ Air Driven Fan / Air washer / Air Handling Unit / Air Circulator Fan / Cooling Fan / Solar Product / Water Purifiers / Magnetic Water Conditioners / Air filters / Ceiling Diffusers & Grills / Centrifugal Fan / Axial Fan / Industrial Air Cooler / Water Heaters / Capacitors/ Fresh Air / Trans Air / Wall / Pedestal / Table / All Purpose Fan / Ventilation Fan / Roto Grill / Fan Regulator / LED lights & Tube Lights / Electric Wire / Electric Iron and Power Strips.

"Daspass Appliances" established in 2013, has expertise in Ventilation and manufacture products related to heating and cooling environment, which are as follows. Due to its big and complete range of fans and geysers, it has become the favourite choice of many segments in India. Mrs. Savita Sharma is the managing director of "Daspass Appliances".




Our company should constantly prosper and to accomplish this vision, we pray to almighty for prosperity of our clients, suppliers and people with in our company.

With the blessings of almighty we are celebrating 50th anniversary in 2018. Mr. K.G. Sharma (founder) started journey in 1968. We are trying to learn from our founder’s rich experience and trying to give our best to maintain the legacy for next coming decades.

Thank you very much for maintaining confidence in last 50 years and recognizing our efforts for consistently providing world class innovation driven products, processes and services that exceeded the expectation by leveraging on the total supply and value chain, brand development, marketing and distribution capabilities.

Under Daspass flagship three more companies emerged which are Millennium house, Antriksh Automation Applications, Daspass Appliances and enhanced product range from Heating element to thermostats, ventilation products such as fans (Inline / Centrifugal/ Exhaust /Axial / Tube axial, Instrument cooling, Wind driven, Ceiling, Wall, Table, Pedestal, All purpose, Fresh air, Trans air, Ventilation, Glass, Roto grill) Air curtain, Water Heaters (Geysers) Solar products, LED lights, Wires, Air Filters, Water conditioners, Water purifiers Electric Irons & capacitors.

We are ready to take our group on next level and targeting for 300 channel partners as distributors & dealers by 2020. We are inviting interested companies to take exclusive rights for Daspass product range in their territory. Kindly contact at 9891023817 or write to You can also send us your valued enquiries/ orders in routine.Manufacturers/importers/suppliers are welcome to join this futuristic group to supply their products.

For convenience of our client, we have also launched online application which is dedicated to B2B, business to business transactions. Same can also be downloaded on mobile and used as application.

We have showcased our product range at Daryaganj showroom and invite you to visit us to know more about. I personally invite everyone to meet our dedicated team. It will be our pleasure to receive you. Being optimistic, we assure that our one to one meet will bring more confidence in each other, make our brand stronger and take our relationship to next level.